As a company, we believe that boosting children’s confidence from an early age is a vital part of their learning and development! We are passionate about ensuring children meet their full potential while learning through play, and encouraging their confidence will ensure this happens.

Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks faced as adults and no-one prepares adults for this. Therefore everyone has to use their initiative and follow their instincts to be a good role-model, ensuring children are healthy and have a positive relationship.

So now you’re probably thinking ‘What can I do to encourage confidence and in my child?” Infact, there’s a list of things you can do!

Read on to find out more…

Endless Encouragement

Children often give up when they become frustrated and encouraging persistence by telling them to ‘try, try and try again’ can help them learn that obstacles can be overcome if they don’t give up!


When children reach a goal, they look for people to say ‘well done’ or ‘good job’, which will also help them gain their confidence and independence. Those words should not only be said when they accomplish a goal but even their for their process and hard work throughout.

Play together

Attachment is a key element to secure early foundations to build confident. Whilst playing, a confidence boost is beneficial to the child by giving them lots of praise! Playing with your child makes them think they are valued and special, leaving them feeling important. While playing with your child, let them initiate the play as the child will be focused longer than play which is suggested by someone else. You can also discover their hidden talents, encourage it, frame it and display it.

Ask ‘What if’

Children are naturally inquisitive and are born to ask questions! The art of being inquisitive goes ahead and beyond asking questions but it also is about exploring the world around you, being curious and gaining knowledge. By the child asking questions, and getting a positive reply, their opinion feels valued, therefore boosts their confidence to ask more.


Allow children to make their own decisions as this boosts their confidence and independence, allowing them to feel respected, valued and appreciated. Let them choose their lunch or make golden rules. Don’t let it get out of control as I’m sure they would love this, but give them two choices instead of just a question. This will help them gain confidence from their own judgement.

Lastly, in order to build children’s confidence, adults must create an environment that will help and support children.

Why not pay a visit to one of Monkey Mania’s mother toddler groups to help your child build their confidence through singing, music, art or many other ways!